20 Web Design Trends For 2018 & Upcoming Years

Website design, the only thing that adds years to its life each day. Internet is nothing if there are no websites and a website is nothing without the appropriate design. No matter the aim is creating graphics for a game, a unique image for a thoughtful campaign or a customized theme for a website, it’s only possible with the creative & innovative mind of a professional web designer.

Web designing is a constantly emerging field with certain trends that will rule forever. On that note, this detailed post is focused on the 20 web design trends that are taking the world by storm now and will work their magic in the coming future as well. Yup! You can depend on them without worrying about tasting failure in any way. Hold your breath and dive into the mesmerizing sea of website design services trends that can’t be conquered.

Semi-Flat Design

Traditional flat design is a thing of the past and that’s why it has dressed itself in a more attractive and subtle semi-flat design. It has the old flat design with few tweaks for improvements. Obviously, these minor alterations have resulted in a better look & feel. Shading depth, light shadows and structural complexities are the add-ons here.


The coming future is going to be governed by 3D. Development of 3D rendering tools and technologies such as AR and VR have made it easy to create 3D models and designs that are attractive, interactive and lively.

Landing Pages

Just like you’d keep your store front - clean, sophisticated and welcoming; in the similar way, you have to take care of your homepage every now and then.

Bold Colors

Bold but supple colors is the meaning here. Be it any design, colors are the factors that do the talking. When appropriate colors are used, design can be taken to any level and can be used to do anything, no matter how complex or easy it is. Want to be more specific while selecting colors? Use Google’s color palette.

Color Transitions

Traditional single-colored designs have been murdered by multi-colored transitions when designing logos or any sort of web design. Tables, buttons, background, fonts, etc., this trend is showing its charm in everything.

Custom Graphics

Alert! High time to replace the old stock images with customized digital graphics. Despite being a new thing, these look incredible. Apart from making the web design unique, custom graphics capture users’ attention in the best way.


Storytelling when done in the design way, turns into a powerful weapon. Using the right design makes the concept significant and meaningful for everyone. Also, learning the story from design and not from the usual plain text excites the audience.

Split Content

This trend made its presence to make the visible screen space put to better use. It enables displaying more than one text, image, etc. on a single page. Split content is great for responsive sites.

Videos Everywhere

Visitors these days are fond of watching high-quality videos on their favorite websites. The video can be a story depicting the idea, origin or vision of the company or its products/services. A presentation, an introduction or a trailer, holds the visitors for long.

Hidden Navigation

Menu is kept hidden to save space on the website; however, it will be used now. After all, who knows it makes the design better to many folds.


Though they are not that old in the design world, they are undeniably the best designs featured on this list. Cinemagraph is not typically a GIF but an image that’s still and has only one or two moving elements. Why?To turn an otherwise usual image into life.


Ever since they have evolved, animations are known as the big thing in the diverse universe of design. Without any doubt, they will grow in the future too. Designs of every type are being introduced with animations in the form of SVG, GIF videos, CSS, etc.

Geometric Designs

Never ever geometry shapes will go out of trend. A number of designers have fallen for them and use modern patterns, circles, lines, customized shapes and various other elements to make the web design one of its kind.

Scrolling And Parallax

A new design element is parallax and aims at creating a visual setting where an object seems to be moving or different when viewed from different angles. This design is possible with video and multi-layered parallax too.

Mobile Responsive Design

Already gaining momentum, this one will stay for sure. Businesses getting traffic from tablets and smartphones should never ignore this design. Hold on! Google has announced not entertaining the sites that don’t allow mobile search.

Creative Use Of Blank Space And Grid

Gone are the days when web design was limited to organized grids and columns. Modern designs are all about chaos where designers use irregular grids to create ultra-modern designs. The white (blank) space has gained more important now than ever.

Lazy Loading

Light and fast loading designs are important; hence, lazy loading designs are vital. Wait! They don’t load slowly. Lazy loading talks about a webpage which has deign elements appearing at the point when needed. When user scrolls down on the page, they get new information.

Full-Screen Forms

Adding forms on homepage is going to be the next big thing. Designers nowadays, place full-screen forms such as contacts forms and subscription forms at the homepage, making it easy for visitors to use them.


For every website, SEO is important. On-page SEO techniques focus on optimizing design components of the webpage. For this very reason, more & more designers are learning basic SEO techniques, as it will help them implement the right SEO things in the designs.

Few Little Things

Besides design elements, there are some small but equally important aspects for a productive website design. These essentials are navigation dots, text, logos, placement of things in the webpage, etc.

Let The Magic Of 20 Work For You
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