Videos: The New & Excelling Students Of Online Marketing

Video Production Services are the smartest way to expand a business! Social media websites and outlets are flooded with video marketing techniques more than ever. Be it any type of business, it can benefit largely with a video, no matter it is as short as intro about the products and services.

Video Production Services

According to studies, purchase rate of customers’ increases to 64% if there is video representation of the product or service. This way, a personal connection is established between the business and its buyers via video marketing, the next big thing in the world of online marketing.

Did You Know?

  • 81% of businesses use videos for marketing
  • 97% of marketers found boost in user understanding regarding their product/service
  • 76% business experienced increased sales
  • 76% businesses witnessed increase in traffic
  • 80% of marketers noticed increased dwell time on their website
  • 95% of consumers depend on explainer videos to know more about products/services
  • 81% of consumers have been convinced to buy products/services through videos
  • 69% of customers bought software or application after watching a video
  • 85% of people are expecting more videos from brands in 2018
  • If a video is liked by the viewers, 83% people among them share it in their group


Video Production Services

Once upon a time, enticing buyers was as easy as putting images of products and services with a view to boost the business and interact with consumers. Talking about the present time, videos are the game changers, as they create more impact on the current media driven culture. When the content is too much, viewers have to think about the time they will have to spend to read and know everything.

Video promotions convey the clear understanding about the benefits that are associated with the particular product or service. Moreover, watching a video is more convenient than reading the in-depth details. Serving consumers with this convenience has proved extremely beneficial when it comes to promotion and marketing techniques.

Studies have found that about 75% business professionals devote time to watch promotional videos at least one time in a week to learn the products/services closely. Online ads urge customers to visit the official website of the company that’s behind the product or service.

Moving on to live action ads, they are shared more via social channels than text information. According to the rumors, to favor video content over other types of content, Facebook has updated its algorithm. Creating and sharing funny or inspiring videos help businesses reach out to larger audience. Also, when an individual relates to any information, he/she shares it further and this gives the business added exposure and that too without any cost.


Video Production Services

Impressive growth of e-commerce has made customers comfortable with the concept of taking their business online. As a result, companies have to ensure connecting and personal bond. Videos that direct customers to a website lead to an instant connection with the products and services. Websites that use videos to capture attention of the audience gain immense perks than those websites that are dependent on simple images and text.

Apart from establishing connection, products in action lead to intense faith in the features provided, as customers are better able to know the advantages.

High Quality Videos

Video Production Services

Though video content has the power to enhance the conversion rate; poor production can lead to reverse influence on the viewers. Prospective businesses drift away when products and services are not represented the ideal way. High quality video when collaborates with appealing concepts, doubles up the success possibilities of a business.

Benefits At A Glance

Video Production Services
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Converting ‘May Be’ into ‘Yes’
  • Great return on investment
  • Better explanation of things
  • Catering to the mobile world
  • Impeccable call to action
  • Converting visitors into permanent clients

Why Hire Video Production Professionals?

Video Production Services

Because they:

  • Are experienced, skilled and updated with latest trends & techniques
  • Work according to client’s budget and create videos that produce results for years
  • Have unique and creative ideas

If you have not shifted your base to videos, it’s high time to do that. Yes, words are the best medium to communicate but videos are even promising to charm and attract the massive crowd. With no second thoughts in mind, turn to business videos now.

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