UI & UX Design: Their Influence On Your Digital Marketing

Generally, organic and paid media strategies are taken into account to determine a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, even the best bidding, link building and targeting can result in lost leads if the landing page and the website on a whole is not optimized. When it comes to analyze a site, a reputed web design agency knows about the below mentioned four major areas to consider:

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile Experience
  • Website Speed
UI/UX design services, UI/UX design company, UI/UX mobile design

Let us talk about these crucial parameters one by one.

UX Design
UI/UX design services, UI/UX design company, UI/UX mobile design

Creating products that result in useful and meaningful experiences for the users is what UX design process is all about. When a website is looked upon, it is important to assure that users get the desired information in the least clicks possible.

Looking things from the marketing perspective, it is required to ensure that someone converts on every single page in minimum time and respond to maximum questions before establishing a contact.

Best user experience begins with the knowledge of users needs. Some vital do’s and dont's of UX designed are:


  • Each section of the page must be defined along with its purpose. For better experience, have headers on the sections of page copy and images for categories that require explanation or interlinking to other pages on the site.
  • Use bullet points to break blocks of text and copy for clean and organized read.
  • When making changes to the website, go through the entire site and check the interaction.


  • Compromising with functionality just for the sake of aesthetic isn’t a good choice. Though an appealing look is important, lack of usability restricts the desired conversions.
  • Functionality shouldn’t be different on every page. Phone number and contact form should be there on the header/footer or both of every page because viewers access the website from multiple devices.
UI Design
UI/UX design services, UI/UX design company, UI/UX mobile design

User Interface design is build on the fundamentals of UX to improve the user experience. Reason being, it is UX only that concentrates on the product flow, look of the experience and how to make it attractive. In simple words, the website must be pleasing to the eyes to make the user interested in navigating it. Some of the best UI practices for digital marketing strategy are:

  • Keeping the same color all over the website brings down the user experience. Also, it makes it difficult to differentiate between the various contact points. Having a third color for focal point items grabs attention to these items. When conversions are the target, using a third color for contct details, contact buttons and form yields wonderful results.
  • Easy and clearly readable fonts have their own magic. As branded fonts are dificult to read at times, it is good to use different variations in the text of the body for an enhanced visual appeal.
  • Videos impress the viewers by adding excitement to the site. Videos on websites must be used in a way that they are blocked on the mobile device to keep away from slow speed and consumption of users mobile data.
Site Speed
UI/UX design services, UI/UX design company, UI/UX mobile design

When looking at various strategies for digital marketing, speed of the website is something that’s often overlooked. Slow speed leads to more bounce rate along with sinking rank of the website. It has been observed that site speed and page speed are considered the same; however, they are different to a certain extent. As fas as site speed is there, it referes to the speed of the entire site; however, page speed is limited to certain pages only and the way they load.

To check the site speed, one of the best ways is using the Google Speed Test Tool. This tool is known to split the speed into mobile and desktop and gives a score from a total of 100. When the test is done, Google provides the recommendations regarding the improvements and where to concentrate. At times, these minor changes and improvements make incredible diffrence in terms of conversions and site stats.

Mobile Experience
UI/UX design services, UI/UX design company, UI/UX mobile design

Creating a website for desktop and mobile is crucial as well as complicated at the same time. Comparing the noticed changes from 2016 to 2017, mobile visits increased from 57% to 63%; whereas, mobile bounce rate declined from 52% to 47%. Finding a stable harmony between desktop experience and mobileonline marketing services in a single package is one of the most complex things. Phone number or icon must be placed at the top right during all times. Moreover, forms should be available to be filled when going down the pages.

Here, focus has to be on site speed only. If a website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, users will leave it immediately. Hence, bad mobile experience creates room for failing digital marketing strategy, as mobile is the chief platform from past many years.

To analyze a website regarding usability, nothing could be better than stepping into customer’s shoes and going through the overall process of finding or converting information. The website must have optimal speed for desktop and for mobile along with design & structure for best user experience. Lacking these needed website features can make all the digital marketing efforts go in vain.

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