Transformation Of Web Designing And Development With Artificial Intelligence

Client expectation, website development

The one thing that’s being most talked about when it comes to technology is AI or Artificial Intelligence. The time is ripe for it and the markets are ready to grab the fruit of AI. We can safely say that the technology has now passed infancy stage and is now taking shape in defining several aspects of businesses as well as our personal lives. The spectrum of AI applications is wide and penetrating through diverse domains but today we will keep this post limited to what AI can do and is doing for web design and development. Read on and explore.

What is AI & its importance?

Client expectation, website development

AI is the development of programs and interactive models that can self-learn and exhibit human-like intelligence. For ex: while this post is being typed, the AI enabled word processing tool is suggesting sentence completions and auto correcting typos and misspelled words. This brings us to yet another important feature of AI, self learning. AI is enabled to self-learn by studying and ‘observing’ repeated patterns in data gathered from human-machine interactions. This is also called ‘machine learning’ and works towards powering AI.

AI is important in unimaginable ways. It can do timetaking tedious jobs in a matter of seconds. It reveals things and insights that the human mind could easily miss and most importantly it frees us from boring tasks giving us time for creative and imaginative thinking. With AI, time is the most important resource saved. It also works with humans lending them an artificial ‘helping hand’ in performing several functions thus taking the load off them.

Here are a bunch of statistics just to show how important AI has become in today’s scenario.

  • By 2025, the world’s artificial intelligence market is expected to be over $60 billion; in 2016 it was $1.4 billion
  • The global GDP is expected to grow by $15.7 trillion by 2030 thanks to the help from artificial intelligence and its allies.
  • AI can increase productivity of businesses by up to 40%.

Now, these stats are all from well accredited sources like MIT and the trends suggest that AI will dominate the world of disruptive technologies for a long time to come. The fact that it is an integrative tech that helps to make other technologies smarter will drive it deep within our systems, processes and way of living.

AI, web design and web development:

As mentioned earlier, the scope of AI is wider than any other technology but we will focus our discussion on its use in web design and development. To begin with AI’s self-learning algorithms are taking away the jobs of web coding. AI for website design is indispensable considering it does most of it. There are AI applications that can convert handwritten UI (User Interface) designs from an image into HTML markup code with just the tap of a button. Here are a few ways in which AI is improving web design and development beyond our expectations.

1. Enhanced UX (User Experience) with AI:

In its truest sense, AI is the technology that most benefits end users. It learns from them and makes everything easier for them in return. AI embedded websites follow user activity and then work accordingly showing you results that you prefer and need and filtering out unimportant things. AI enhances UX in various ways by reading patterns from consumer interactions. It simplifies the process by which users connect with the digital world. Options like visual search and voice assistants are perfect examples for this.

2. Making the job easier for humans:

AI has taken over a lot of burden when it comes to web design and development. Not just templates but customized web designs can be readied by AI just by conversing with users via a chatbot (another AI powered tool). This frees up a lot of time for developers to utilize for creative aspects in which the AI still has to learn a lot. Other than that, home assistant devices which execute our commands just like a servant would do, are making our lives simpler and more and more convenient.

3. Automated data collection:

AI has an important role when it comes to data. Not just data processing and data analysis but data collection too is done via AI tools. It can ask questions, lead conversations and draw conclusions and report them to human analysts. The best part is that all of this is done in minutes if not seconds which is still way more faster compared to manual timelines.

4. Easy testing and assurance of quality

AI tools are used for testing websites and finding errors, even correcting them. This saves up a lot of time for developers. With human-like intelligence AI creates environments wherein testing is reliable and quality is assured. This improves accuracy and goes far beyond the limitations of human testing.

5. Building websites with AI:

You will find it hard to believe that AI is capable of building whole websites by itself. Content management platforms use AI to allow users to build personalized websites and then customize them all with the help of AI. Use of Artificial design intelligence to create designs from nothing but a few lines and keywords is a miracle by itself. It can control the overall content, from design to visuals, from typography to animations and other important components of a website.

7. Lay out clear processes

Laid-out processes must be created to stay in line with expectations of customers. Not only it is essential to learn from client experiences but updating the process is equally important.

8. Try to know client’s definition of success

Without hesitation, ask the clients what is a successful project according to them. This will increase your success chances since you know how they count it. Also, when clients feel that their opinion is given importance, building a sense of trust with them gets easy because they feel valued. What else? No need to do any guess wok in trying to know what’s on their mind.

AI is intimidating in a sense that it might render humans jobless and take over the digital world. However, there is still time in that kind of scenario to become a reality. What’s happening now is that AI is helping us do so much more in less time and in better ways. This disruption will continue as AI levels up gradually. Coupled with machine learning and NL (Natural Language Processing) it is bound to become the pinnacle of all digital inventions so far.

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