The Fascinating Psychology Of Numbers In Marketing

“Know your numbers'” is a fundamental precept of business. - Bill Gates


NUMBERS, the building blocks of calculation are used in not one but many ways. Just like colors, they also have their specific psychology that surrounds them. While there are some numbers we love without any question, there are others we take a back seat from.

Understanding the concept and meaning behind these numeric figures allow us to use them effectively. You will be glad to know that using the right number can do wonders not only to market your brand but also to make your website stand out.

Today, we have selected few numbers to let you know how people perceive them.

NOTE: A number of factors influence meanings behind the numbers; thus, do your research depending on your target market.


Often associated with the beginning, number 1 is known as the number of the divine. This popular number resembles immense achievement. If we talk about a competition or contest, winners are always designated the first place and those who fail to grab it, are termed as losers. Though it may be the loneliest but represents strength and independence and that’s more than fine.

Example: One Medical Group


Gendering numbers look silly but they have interesting findings surrounding their idea. While odd numbers are considered masculine, even ones are known as feminine. For the major part, odd numbers have a sharper and edgy shape. Talking about even ones, they are curvier and up for debate.

Example: Elle 18, Three Amigos, Five Guys Burgers


7 is a number that everyone is pulled towards. Why? Because it is everywhere from religious connections to being the universal lucky number. While other numbers are associated with cultural beliefs, values or superstitions, seven remains a worldwide favorite. Take a look at its presence in religion and across the world:

Religion: Seven heavens, seven days to create the earth, seven deadly sins

Earth: Seven continents, seven wonders of the world, seven colors in the rainbow

As far as marketing approach is concerned, 7 is a pleaser and quite easy to implement.

Example: Jack Daniels Old No. 7


Officially, 10 refers to end of the journey. It gives a sense of completion; however, it is useful in particular instances. It is viewed as a rational and ordered number. What more? It is precise to the point and straightforward, which leaves almost nothing to imagine. Number 10 is all about dependability and trust.

Its best implementations is seen in the lists. For instance, articles about top 10 hacks, top ten videos, etc.

11 & THE EXTRA 1

11 is associated with mystery, it goes beyond completion and beyond what could be counted on our own hands. Apart from being an odd number, it stands out and ain’t practical. The unconventional, out-of-the-box and out there type brands find this number suitable.

Example: KFC’s 11 secret herbs & spices

Adding the extra digit to a clean-looking number helps achieve the noticeable effect.

Example: Levi’s 501 Jeans. By adding the extra one, the brand gets to stand out, making it more memorable.


13 has been considered unlucky in many places since centuries. Many apartment buildings and hotels still avoid the 13th floor. How to implement it into marketing for overwhelming results? Talking about the startups, the key is being careful. 13 is your number if you are looking for an edgy element or an alternative feel. For a bar or tattoo shop, name such as ‘Lucky 13’ is suitable, as it has a distinct vibe. However, this ain’t your number if you own a flower shop.

13 is considered ill-fated number in western cultures; hence, to target the market as expected, adjustments are needed.

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