Six Attraction Seeking Social Media Design Techniques
To Upscale Your Posts’ Appeal

“3.03 billion active social media users. Users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts. 27 million pieces of content are shared on social media accounts. 3.2 billion images are shared each day.”

Social Media Design Trends

Monitoring and managing your social media pages while the herd of posts floats around the Internet, it’s quite difficult to hit your idea on your prospects’ mind. Digital marketers are trying to emblaze different patterns and tricks to turn the herculean task into a duck soup but is that simple?

Handling social media pages yourself might get complex if we tell you that it’s not considered a SEO friendly practice to share one post on Instagram and auto-updating the same post by linking other social media accounts to your Instagram account. Reason? Your audience doesn’t like to ‘Like. Share. Comment.’ on same information 5 times a day on different portals. Also, the active hours of all the portals are different. While, Instagram posts should be made between 8-9 am, Facebook prefers 1 pm for shares and 3 pm for clicks. Similarly, 5-6 pm for Twitter is a peak moment for new tweets.

Clearly, all portals of social media have their own rules to play but do you know, there’s something that goes universal? Learn these techniques that emphasize on the design aspect of the social media.

1. Color Coding For Great Visuals

Confining by the color palette isn’t a restriction after all. When a company is defined by a certain combination of color, it is identified by it. Red & White goes lucky with Coca Cola, Yellow & Black goes with JCB and Orange & Black is Amazon’s color scheme. To personify and unify your company with colors, select your color combination with careful observation.

2. Use Balanced Images To Complement Posts

There are clients who are unclear about the purpose of ‘Home’ and ‘About Us’. The common notion around these two is that skipping the cost on specialized ‘About Us’ page can be easily done by strategically placing a section on home. Technically, there’s no rule to say no to this notion but to be more dramatic and customer oriented, you need to establish yourself as a business which is there to stay for a long time. Putting up your company’s motto, vision, employees, history and inception will connect your audience at a deeper level. Seize the chance of involving in emotional foundation on this page.

3. Lines To Guide

Whether you’re an e-commerce site or facility providers for loan, automation repair or non-profit organization; there has to be something to offer or ask from your audience. A shop page, software packages or any landing page that bring you profits or traffic, as per your expectation. This is the money generating page which needs no introduction as why it should be clearly differentiated from others.

4. Know Your Typography

Over-fancy things don’t appease but become dubious. While fonts like Lucida Handwriting, Script MT Bold, Magneto Bold, Freestyle Script and others bring out life but stuffing on these fonts on graphics could create negative impact. Illustrators and Typographers explain that no more than 3 types of styles should appear in one page. Also, the typeface has significant meaning that must be read well before the usage. For example, “GO! TYPE! SUBSCRIBE!” are written in Bold and Upper Case to prioritize ‘call to action’.

5. Utilize Hierarchy

It takes a few minutes to frame a 50-word testimonial with a picture taken from internet. Not a big deal. But is that what you want? No! This page is so important to seed your image in minds of your prospects. For really amazing testimonials, put up videos of your clients who have praised about your services, allow your clients to leave feedback and add comments of verified customers. Take this page and put all your customer-favorite services on in front of the world in words of your customers. Make it natural and organic.

6. Give Out Call To Action

You are a business person with a business purpose, right? Let’s get down to it. If you’ve been successful in balancing out all of the above attributes of your social media posts then this is the time to give direction to your audience. Mentor them what should they do using a creative “Call to Action”. “Click HERE!”, “Share THIS story”, “Follow Us”, “Visit Us” and “Order Now” are some of the word-ic CTAs but wear your creative hat to design prompting buttons that lead your audience to your conversion web-page.

Take Away Note:

Be specific with your social media posts as people are going to skip you for being absurd in your speech. For social media marketing strategies, assemble your goals and expectations and frame out your work flow that enlists your posts with objective. This will help you to plan and execute your ideas in an uncluttered manner.

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