Finding The One: Tips For Partnering With E-Commerce Website Development Company

Partnering With E-Commerce Website Development Company

The time of e-commerce companies has boomed over the last two decades. Being the economy giant, the U.S. has still not acquired 1st place in percentage of retail sales occurring via internet. Nevertheless, retail e-commerce industry will score revenue of 461 billion US Dollars by the end of this year.

What would it take to beat China in the race of online market?

This unrestricted explosion of businesses and entrepreneurship on global level has given platforms to many innovative minds but not everyone ends up to be Jeff Bezos. Also, not everyone is able draft a plan like Amazon! Does this mean you’ve no scope at succeeding?

This is where ecommerce website development companies happen to conquer the lost battles. China is producing 23.1% of its online retail sales in comparison to 9% of U.S because their simplicity of approach & exclusive deals attract global audience. Going by the statistics, there’s scope in U.S. market which remains untouched due to marketers’ inability to procure the profits.

The foremost of all tasks, your business needs to ferment a website which lures traffic, razes off complexity and attracts attention of audience immediately. A Web design company is your bulwark stopping you from wrong turns while taking your business onto next level.

How should you finalize a web designing company for your dream project?
How should you finalize a web designing company

Whether you are an artist with demands for artistic website or a finance manager who needs highly professional outlook, professional designers and developers will hit the bull’s eye in one shot. You got to keep your eyes wide open and mind free for gathering contextual information such as:

1. ABC Of Your Demands
ABC Of Your Demands

Your website shall look like yours, which will happen if you’ve put your mind and soul in plumping for each element like picking best flowers from the garden. Apart from advises of your designers, make sure what your expectations from the hired company are. Sitemap, theme preference, targeted audience, functionality and content generation should be in back of your mind before approaching a potential company.

2. Company’s Portfolio & Testimonials
Company’s Portfolio & Testimonials

Stirring up your idea into reality wouldn’t just take a knowledgeable developer but a passionate designer who would illustrate your brainchild into web design. If you’re on the verge of finalizing your deal, be sure to check the portfolio of the company. If they’ve material to boost, they’ll never be afraid to show off! It takes a team’s overall efforts to bring out a positive review. You must check into the details of services provided to their other clients. It’ll also give you a lead in understanding more features that you could integrate in your website.

3. Technologies They Deal With
Technologies They Deal With

Needless to say how techies, you’re going to deal with, must know the itsy bitsy of all the major software and computer languages to frame your secure website. You don’t want to end with ‘just another company selling you free layouts”. Rather to get the authenticity and preserve the genuineness of your idea, you need a team that knows below listed development software:

  • Front End: HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS
  • Server Side Scripting: PHP
  • CMS: WordPress, Woo commerce, Magento,
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL 

That’s it? No! You would require professionals to fix graphics and content accurately. Also, implement SEO-friendly environment on your site.

4. Ask For The Deadlines
Ask For The Deadlines

Companies, which are working around the year, have their stringent work schedules and they perform each task as per preset deadlines. Enquire about how they would proceed with the work and how often you’ll be reported about the project’s status. Don’t fall short of questions about their work ethics. Ultimately, it’s your project and you should be the boss of its progress.

5. Attributes Offered In The Design
Attributes Offered In The Design

Ecommerce is a lot different from the usual websites because it has to become your voice and speak volumes about your products & services. To make it convenient for your customers, you would like to get easy-checkout tools, various payment options (PayPal, Credit Card, etc), email & newsletter subscriptions, SEO based content update, promotion & discount toolson your site.

6. Compare The Price & Services
Compare The Price & Services

You can’t expect a company to pop the fruit of creativity and perfection in thrifty prices. Also, trusting your project to get a ritzy end with an expensive company won’t promise you profits. That’s where, the spectrum of companies who charge their clients as per the project evaluation win the bet. You can remain under your budget and still slay the best site for your business with all attribute fixed.

7. Know All Security Guarantee
Know All Security Guarantee

Being an open-source platform where users can control a certain panel of your site, your e-commerce site will always be a soft prey for mega scams. Are you catered with PCI Compliance, SSL Certificate, HTTPS site and firewalls to protect your sensitive information? All the variety of layers makes sure your data and transactions remain intact to best of your knowledge.

These are the checkpoints before finalizing your deal. However, you mustn’t forget to bother your website designing company to provide the following services along with above!

High Resolution Media

All the photos, videos, infographics, logo and media used in building your site should be attractive to prompt the customers to make the purchase. Quality and creativity should make the pillars.


Every person who carries phone is subjected to be tricked by technology at certain point. That’s because mobile friendly sites enable them to buy more. Are you getting one fit for Android, iOS and windows devices?

Wish List

Ecommerce without an option of creating “Wish List” is annoying. Let your customers save items for future purchases which you can also utilize to make personalized offers to your clients and customer-oriented recommendations.

Your ecommerce website is the face of your business. It’ll sell if you’ve got all the concepts of appeal, approach and advertisement right. With Amazing7 Studios, you not only sign up for confirmed success of your business but ever growing traffic-conversion.

“Look out for more features, sought out for better technology and settle only when you find the one!”

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