Domain Authority Is About To Change: Are You Ready?

Moz is all set to introduce a new domain authority. Principal scientists associated with Moz are all excited and geared up to propel its launch on March 5th, 2019. This much awaited upgrade has turned numerous eyeballs towards it and it will continue to do so for a length of time.

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No matter how positive we are about the expected DA fluctuations, web spammers must be under real stress, since they are the ones whose activities are under the knife. Domain authority has been playing pivotal role in assessing and doing a fair comparison between different sets of websites so far. Will the metric be getting any better? Or will it be reaching further? Experts say we will see both of them happening in a short while.

Certainly new domain authority will have an upper hand over the existing one but in which aspects and to which extent is yet to be learnt and experienced. Let us together glance what domain authority future has in store for us.

What Is Meant By Domain Authority?

web design, domain authority

Domain authority has been at the heart of any solid SEO strategy for years.

As many of you may already know, Moz developed a metric that scores websites on a scale of 1-100, where higher score indicates better performance on search engine result pages (SERPs). In other words, domain authority score depicts the future of a website on search engine results.

Predictions are so relevant and accurate that businesses use them as ground for measuring SEO efforts and compare the strength of their website with that of business rivals. They further ask the website design and development company to make requisite changes so that better DA scores are earned.

There Is No Such Thing Called “Good Domain Authority”

web design, domain authority

Moz’s domain authority is widely available across the web. It is imbibed into several SEO and online marketing platforms. Site owners often ask what domain authority is good enough. Many of you may get surprised to know there is no such thing called as good domain authority. Confused?

Well, fact of the matter is that the higher scores you have on this superb metric, the better are your chances to get high search engine ranks. But at the same time, what is not to be missed is the comparative nature of the logarithmic scale. Instead of using it as an absolute score, utilize it to make the comparisons.

An example here is much needed for a clear understanding. Every brand new website will start from a DA score, 1. A website can get top rank in Google search with a score of 60 on domain authority; meanwhile another website might have to compromise with low search engine rank even with a score of 70.

It can be clearly seen that 60 is good enough for one whereas 70 could not suffice. This happens with domain authority because you cannot manipulate the score as concrete. It is in your best interest to do the comparative studies and take corrective actions. It all boils down to comparing your domain authority with that of your competition and make all possible attempts to have better score than theirs.

Who Is Your Competition?

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Before we get into the meat of the matter, it is important to understand who shall be considered as competition to your business. In the light of search results, your competitor keeps on changing. Since competition is for better rank in search results, it is keyword-driven. Whosoever is targeting the same keyword is in competition with you.

This means you may have different competitors for different keywords.

Domain Authority-Now And Then-Changes To Catch Hold Of

web design, domain authority

Moz proclaims a like-never-before experience and whosoever is coming across this great piece of news is rolling up his/her sleeves. While we all have to wait for the launch date to acclimatize new domain authority completely, there is a wealth of knowledge still available to be grasped.

From the day of its inception, domain authority has catered to the search result specific needs of industry. Time and again, changes have been made to the metric so that it does not lose the precision with changing search engines’ algorithms.

With the upcoming upgrading of domain authority, search marketers will be armed up with the best ever version of it. Pondering what more it will be offering? How better it will be now? Stay tuned to discover more about new domain authority till the end.

Boosting your domain authority was so far dependent on the factors like linking root domains, rank, trust, quality of content to name a few of the most important on the list of as many as 40 factors. We, strictly adhere to the earlier discussed characteristic of the metric, higher domain authority score indicates likelihood of scoring better rank in search results. A better DA score is not equal to top rank in search results.

Post March 5, 2019, domain authority is getting more accurate than it was ever before. Keen to know how it will happen? Let us help you walk through it.

Changes Made Are Fundamental

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Changes made in domain authority at rudimentary level have far-reaching consequences. Technically potent Moz team has made its working look a piece of cake for the market. Most notable changes include switching from complex linear model to a neural network. This is anticipated to bring 360 degrees change in understanding sites which do not rank for any of the keywords. Another associated perk is that it boasts of detecting link manipulation like a pro.

Besides keeping a close eye on the link counts, this new domain authority will be incorporating Moz spam score and complex distributions of links, which take quality and traffic into account. Moz is aiming high with the new DA, as it has teamed up with exceptional data

How To Deal With Fluctuating Domain Authority?

web design, domain authority

On the big day, DA is going to fluctuate again. It is certainly because Moz has upgraded the algorithm to a true industry leading standard. Integration of new factors into the calculations will produce predictive and trustworthy results like never before.

DA drops concurrent to the updates should be strictly taken as a new number. Any losses or gains for that matter should not be considered as deterioration or improvements in DA of your sites. The crux of the story is the fluctuations corresponding to the introduction of new DA should not be taken seriously, especially when your competitors are facing similar movements.

The Bottom Line:

Quite like Google algorithm updates, Moz’s domain authority will remain as useful and relevant as ever. Changes have been done for sharpening the precision while keeping the trust intact. Post the inception of improved domain authority, Google’s changes will be better responded.

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