Criteria To Decide Whether Your Website Needs Redesigning

You need an effective website. Oops! Your dear business needs an effective website. Not only it is the joint for your online marketing deeds but also a driving factor to pull results for the respective online marketing campaigns. Just like other things that undergo glitches, a website too wears down with passage of time. To ensure it serves its purpose right, it has to be upgraded every few years.


When talking about upgrading a website, it involves more than simply a digital facelift that’s done to make the appeal attractive. So, how can you analyze whether your website demands all-round renovation or just few changes here & there? Read on and find the answer.

Your Website is Visually Outdated

If you are using your website since ages and haven’t made any change until now, it’s high time to get serious about redesigning it. This is because a visually outdated website reflects not being in tune with the latest trends. Also, it shows that its owner, i.e. you, don’t care about it.

You may not know but a site that appeals to the eyes is click-friendly and is an exceptional quality resource. Anything else? Definitely! An updated website has its role in terms of customer’s purchasing decision too.

Your Site’s Purpose Isn’t the Same

Though website design is a crucial element of your business but having its own individuality also matters for your business. Apart from updating hottest colors of the season or adding a well-thought logo, there are many things you need to focus on. For instance, your brand’s message along with values & vision has to be portrayed as well.

While meeting these needs, you got to do it in such a way that as soon as a visitor comes to your website, he/she instantly understands what you do and how your business is beneficial to them. With redesigning, you can depict your brand’s message in a clear way.

Loading Speed of Your Site Kills

It is quite possible for the website to run slowly on particular browsers or run slow all the time. As per researches, a fraction of 8 seconds is taken to steal a user’s attention; hence, these are the only seconds to let your call-to-action speak loud.

In terms of impressive user experience, slow loading time is the major turn-off. Generally, reason behind the slow speed is outdated template or theme. In this case, what’s needed is a software update and that too immediately owing to the fact that slow loading sites are penalized by Google.

Your Website is not Found by Users

Putting it simple – when users are unable to find you, how can you expect new clients to find you? Word-of-mouth is no longer your shoulder to lean on because the moment people get to know about you, they visit Google to find you.

If your website lacks the needed SEO, it simply means your absence in the top searches of the search engines. In other words, you are way too away from the rich & worthy traffic. Don’t forget, design and performance of your website are directly related to your rankings.

Your Website Lacks Mobile Optimization

If the website doesn’t respond well on mobiles, redesigning is required. During the past few years, mobile responsive websites have turned into a necessity that matters more than any luxury. As compared to ever, searches are being done more on mobile phones.

Best part about searches is their conversion in purchase. Therefore, if a site is not responsive on various types and size of screens, it can’t expect success among the masses.

Your Website Doesn’t Convert

No matter you own an e-commerce website where your aim is attracting customers and convincing them to purchase products/services or you have a blogging website where your sheer focus is promoting visitors to sign up and receive your informative content, your target in both the cases should be conversion and only conversion.

Low conversion rate signifies three things:

  • Your site is outdated and a complete turn off for the audience
  • Users visit you but don’t find what they want and bounce back
  • Last but the major reason, your site is yearning for redesigning

Final Thoughts

Above explained scenarios are important to consider if you experience visits on your website but nothing favorable comes out of them. Redesigning matters to:

  • Enhance the functionality
  • Stay updated
  • Update the tools
  • Present something new & useful to your clients.

Lastly, redesigning by no means ask you to change each of the graphic elements. At time, besides minor functional modifications, nothing else is needed.

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