Creative Web Design: Uplift From Small Business To Strong Brand

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If we ask you what’s that one thing that acts as fuel for a business, what will you say? Finance? Think more. Still not there? Well, it’s a beautiful and functional website. If your business is a small scale and you have plans to turn it into a popular brand, you have to have a website that speaks a thousand words.

Increase in the number of websites has made it difficult for designers to come with new, unique and creative designs. The problem does not end here because many people do not know the ‘abc’ of web designing. If you are one of them, make sure to hire the reputed designers.

Why I need a creative web designs for my site when all it does is providing information? Is this question popping in your mind? If yes, it’s time to change your perception and understand that creative & unparalleled web designing is the start of turning into a brand. Your website’s color, style and pattern can help you establish your brand in the business world.

Colors Make Lasting Impression
web design and development company, ecommerce website design

Close your eyes and think about the color blue. Is it Facebook that came to your mind automatically? This is the power of colors used in the web design. Finding the meaning of colors and identifying what kind of colors suit the business are important before letting them in your design. Just because a color looks pretty does not mean it has to be used.

Helping you use the right kind of colors and make unforgettable impression, below is given a descriptive list about the meaning & significance of each color.

1. RED

Red is the universal color of passion, excitement and anger. Think RED if your business is playful, modern, loud or youthful. If you belong to serious, mature or classic genre; this ain’t your color.


Such a playful and invigorating color. Paint it ORANGE for the energetic punch and stand out from the crowd.


It’s all about accessibility and sunshiny friendliness. Your brand will radiate youthful energy with this color. YELLOW oozes cheer.


Depicts strong cultural association. If you belong to finance or nature, go versatile with GREEN.


Truly the king of colors. BLUE symbolizes maturity and trustworthiness. Use it to ensure you are taken seriously.


The color of luxury with a hint of femininity. Choose PURPLE to look wise and cutting-edge.


Speaks for the girly heart like no one else. If you are modern, luxurious and youthful, go versatile by varying from pastel rose to neon magenta.


Look masculine, rugged and serious with this one. Being underutilized, BROWN can let you create identity your competitors can’t even match.


If looking slick, luxurious and modern is your forte, it’s time to go BLACK.


Economical and youthful, this color works for every brand. Consider WHITE as secondary accent.

11. GREY

Neither light nor dark, GREY is the color of class, maturity and seriousness. Add mystery by going dark and look accessible by staying light.

Use Unique Character
web design and development company, ecommerce website design

When you see a blue bird, what comes to your mind as the first thing? TWITTER for sure. Now, this is the power and talent of unique characters. Not just you but anyone who sees a blue bird thinks about Twitter.

Creative web design increases the branding which can be used to earn benefits. So, how to start the path towards reaching the goal? Obviously, you need web designing experts and yes, the below given important tips.

1. Pick a theme

What do you expect viewers to see, understand and feel when they look at your characters? Let that feeling convey the general makeup of your theme.

2. Develop the backstory

Knowing your character is like making a new friend. Be clear about everything related to them to translate the backstory into the design.

3. Give a name and personality

Your character is not just an illustration but your baby. You birthed it from creative consciousness; hence, crown it with a fitting name.

4. Pick a species. Human, animal or other?

Depending on your business story or theme, pick a species. If confused between human , animal or any other category, create your own!

5. Determine the body type. Short, tall, slim or husky?

Exploring different body types is a surprising way to add distinct personality to your character.

6. Set the color scheme

Use colors that make sense; however, experiment by choosing the ones you wouldn’t normally consider. For instance, give a business entrepreneur blue hair or make a tough guy pink. Stepping outside your comfort zone will reinforce the look and make the character memorable to the audience.

7. Create dynamic poses

Go beyond front and back poses. Let your characters connect to your audience by making them more realistic.

8. Figure out their style

Is it laid back or corporate? Be clear about your character’s style and try adding a bit fashion sense to it.

9. Make characters emote

Expression is the most effective communication tool when it comes to designing a character. With the justified expression, you can connect to your people better.

9. Test alternative versions

If you find something not fitting it, try something new. Make it a point to experiment until you jump to the perfect design.

web design and development company, ecommerce website design

Connecting the logo to the brand name associated with it is human tendency. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are some of the examples whose logos instantly strike their business name in everyone’s mind.

There are many businesses out there and each one of them has their unique logo. What to do then to have a catchy, unique and recognizable logo? Here are some rules to swear by:

1. Original

A good logo must create a unique visual identity and stand out in a sea of competitors. Though you can take a bit of design inspiration, make sure to keep it as innovative and original as possible.

2. Relevant

This may come to you as a surprise but even the most unusual and appealing logo fail sometimes. Why? Because they are not appropriate for the intended viewers. Research for your business mission, values and target audience to come up with a logo that doesn’t look out of the box.

3. Versatile

Logos are put to several uses from banners to billboards, from business cards to website. Hence, it must be legible and maintains details irrespective of the size. Besides, it has to be versatile in terms of color. In other words, it should look good in black and white as well as in color.

Few things to consider when designing a logo are:

  • Will it look good in reverse color?
  • Will it be effective when it is printed in just one color?
  • Will it be clear when sized to fit a postal stamp or favicon?
  • Will it be clear when sized to fit a billboard?

4. Memorable

A great logo is iconic and even toddlers recall and recognize it. Iconic logo make a permanent impression by evoking emotion.

5. Timeless

Let trends take a back seat when designing a logo. Reason, an effective logo is conventional & timeless and not trendy. When it comes to visual brand identity, its effectiveness has to be long lasting.


To make sure you don’t miss out any step, here’s a quick recap of everything described above:

1. COLORS: Make your web designs memorable, catchy and vibrant by using the right colors. Every color you use must connect to your business idea.

2. CHARACTER: For that permanent impression in your viewers’ mind, give your business a unique and user friendly character.

3. LOGO: Give your business its own identity with a different and innovative logo that complements your specialization.

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