Beware Of These 5 Major Website Designing Mistakes

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A good website design communicates what a business is all about. Technological advancements have led to better web design. Over the years, carving an impressive website design has only become more challenging. Despite armed with latest technology designers often fail to impress the users because even customers have become more tech-savvy and they enjoy wider choice these days.

Use of animations and GIFs do not suffice the modern users. With smartphones in their hands, these days every second person calls themselves designers. How do you stand out of crowd and succeed in impressing your customers so that they don’t leave the page even before staying there for half-a-minute is a BIG question. It is essentially important to have a right website design if you want to see conversions coming in.

It will get anyway harder to keep your customers happy and contained with the web designing mistakes mentioned below. On the contrary, learning from these mistakes of others, you can promise your customers an unprecedented website design.

1. Incorporation Of Innovation In Excess

web design, website design services

Designing is an artwork in itself and designers can be dubbed as artists. Designers are always stimulated to work on designs that are capable of turning heads. Something ordinary cannot let it happen but at the same time it is important to take control of your creative stride. It is said that ‘excess of everything is bad,’ in this context also it holds true.

Too much use of creative elements like glossy pictures etc. might not work for a specific business website. The users may be used to the previous navigation patterns and this going-too-far creative approach might make them feel uncomfortable when they visit website this time. Common navigation patterns may help them feel home or whereas crossing boundaries for getting innovative may only harm the business. If you do not want to get stumped off it is best to keep innovation level in moderation, especially when you intend to provide a perfect interactive experience.

2. Baffling Navigation

web design, website design services

Perplexed routes often lead people to nowhere. It holds true in the context of website navigation too. The purpose of having a website is that visitors can reach the business at the quickest with minimum of efforts.

Poor navigation hinders the way of visitors to reach on the page they are seeking. For instance, designers who get creative with the names of common pages such as home, about us etc. don’t understand that their creativity will only get appreciated if users manage to get what means what. Instead of making customers guess what you mean, tell them straight that it would be much easier and undoubtedly more appreciated by the customers.

If the navigation is taking toll on minds of customers they cannot be compelled to stay on a page, confusing and long routes can make them change their ride. They find it much easier to take exit from your website rather than wandering while seeking information.

3. Avoiding White Space

web design, website design services

Opportunity to have wide open space was not something every designer was looking up to few years back. There was time when everything small and big, important and lesser important was all there on the website. But thankfully that was past and we are done with it. Don’t ever dare to give that messy, untidy look to a website you are working on. Users may not approve it.

The disorganized things on your website make your website design an eyesore. It is imperative to declutter your website and attract more footfalls on the site.

It may sound basic to some of you but before heading for the higher level nail the basics first.

4. Underestimating The Power Of Contrast

web design, website design services

Use of contrast is crucially important to establish visual hierarchy. It does not only help in garnering user’s attention but also their attention can be guided to the points where you want them to shift their attention.

Making use of contrast it gets so easy to give due importance to everything available on the website.

If you want to take control of users actions on site it is much in the hands of contrast. With subtle use of contrast like switching between smaller and bigger buttons it is possible to guide the users throughout.

5. Lengthy And Complex Formss

web design, website design services

Nobody likes to fill the forms. They are pain at any stage of life from school to adulthood days. But from business perspective, forms are essential means to have a record of consumer data.

That said forms do not necessarily have to be lengthy, boring and ugly. Most of the people consider long forms annoying so switch from lengthy and ugly form to simple and stylish version.

Sticking to simplicity pays off well. Ask the elementary yet necessary things like first name, last name, email. Not asking for too much will yield better response to these forms. Have the optional fields so that you don’t miss out on chance to gather more information from the users who are willing to spend more time on your site.

Take Home Message

The day when a website design company starts designing the sites keeping the customer perspective in mind it will start getting better response. User friendly websites with some creativity quotient score better.

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