A Flawless Homepage Becomes A Turning Point For
Small Businesses

When you stand on a cliff and look down at the path; you’ll be able to see all the bits and pieces of the journey you’ve made. The development in web designing has been quite similar over the time.

Turning Point For Small Businesses
Bit of History…

The year of 1994, Netscape Communication started the revolution with its Netscape 0.9 browser to enable its users to change background color and formatting the text. The war of change began in 1996, when Microsoft introduced its browser that supported more features to stylish presentation. Also, the invention of Flash and CSS made the game go smarter and stronger as these made way for semantic and attractive designs.

How has website affected the businesses?

The discussion has taken rest when it comes to the benefits of e-business in today’s world. Branding, reputation, advertising and selling has come under a few right ‘clicks’. The stream to study ‘how to manipulate customers to buy your product and services?’ is trending more than your favorite TV series.

How has website affected the businesses

However, the newbies lack experience and knowledge of the sea level when floating in the sea of opportunities. The very first lesson to excel online is to go with the cliché, “First Impression is the Last Impression.”

You are more likely to convert a click into sale if your website can pass the 5-second test. The ecstasy lasts shorter than a breath as your audience won’t take longer than a few seconds to balk through tabs and fail your products even before you advertise them.

What should you do to make your website appealing?

Just like you’d keep your store front - clean, sophisticated and welcoming; in the similar way, you have to take care of your homepage every now and then.

Check out the following motivators to process your homepage for magnetic effect on customers:

  • Let your homepage say a humble hello to its visitors

There’s something so beautiful in staying simple when the world is running for one trend. Make your homepage elegant and useful with information that is easy to digest and not to gulp. Logo, slogans, categories and about page should be clearly defined in the top band of the page. The sites like Amazon, e-bay, YouTube and other giants can afford to have a team of creative designers working to create highly effective website but for small-businesses it is essential to click at once which is only possible if you have a straight forward approach.

  • Have Crispy and Sassy Outlook

The websites that wish to pour their menu in one sight are only fooling themselves. There is a trick to keep your customer hungry at first so that they’d dig in more to know about you. On the balancing side, use the space artistically and provide ‘know-about’ of your business. Don’t flood your page with irrelevant ads and don’t even dare to cover your screen with inapt animation. People won’t wait for you to stop talking. They’d just click that red cross.

  • Glitters, Sparkles and Mirrors- Don’t Overdo to shine

Well. Who dresses up like a rainbow? You got the answer. Don’t be the clown when it comes to playing with colors. That’s not even professional until you are actually dealing with clown services(Okay?) Use a classic color palette which is not more than 3 colors. Check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other leading websites; their logos and homepages are epitome of simplicity.

  • Know your “Eye-ttracting” sites on your homepage
Subtle strangeness is great

As per the research and statistics to be believed, there are certain areas where a consumer spends their initial few seconds before deciding between cross and scroll. Keep your high attention on- logo, template, navigation, search box and of course, the content!

Make them stay with you in a simple attempt by being informative at the same time being reasonably helpful for the purpose of their visit. Think like a consumer when you’re building your homepage and half of your struggles will fade away.

  • Don’t shy off to show case your hot-selling products and services

Imagine if internet had a grandparent feature for your website that has one thing do to- praise about you like no flaw ever existed. So, to fulfill that free of cost advertising, post your ‘most selling’ products at first screen of your website. Tell your potential visitors how good you are. This will not only grab the required attention but also lead to build trust in your brand.

Website with a great homepage that answers to most of consumer’s queries and also help them navigate smoothly through pages will impact sales better in comparison to a fancy website with lost essence.

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