Find Out The Success Ladder Towards The Best Website

2016 was the year when usage of mobile surpassed usage of desktop browsing and the trend has increased every year. Furthermore, Google has its very own ‘Mobile First Index’ to rank websites according to their mobile experience and not desktop.

Find Out The Success Ladder Towards The Best Website

The comparison clears web designs are emphasized towards better experience for the massive mobile users. This post covers some evolving web design trends and their role in enhancing mobile users’ experiences. Ready to know what it takes to have the best website design? Read further…

1. Welcoming Negative Space
Welcoming Negative Space

In mobile screens, space is quite a valuable asset. Owing to this reason, it is good to be particular about engagement without any distraction. By using negative space and adding elements that bring engagement, it gets easy to highlight the critical sections of the page along with the needed negative space required for a clean look.

2. Increased Expression Via Typography
Increased Expression Via Typography

In mobile web design, text-based design elements perform extremely overwhelming. Presenting exciting design features rather than images refers to a situation wherein the user can have an appealing page without suffering any issue in the loading time or performance due to high resolution videos and images. Typography has its essential contribution in conveying the information so that designers get to do well in adding stylish and relevant text. Yes, images and videos are important because of their incomparable value for communication; however, need of the hour is having a rich content, all thanks to network speeds and data limits.

3. Dependency on Cinemagraphs
Dependency on Cinemagraphs

Videos have their significance but take time to load and static images are weak as well. Between these two fall cinemagraphs, the popular thing of the current time. These bring value to the pages to a great extent. For instance, instead of having a product’s flat image, a designer can add a cinemagraph that has a 360-degree view. This way, customers are benefitted because they are able to examine and experience the product better.

The Final Words
Increased Expression Via Typography

With almost every user using mobiles to access the websites, there’s no end for mobile first design elements and devoting time to them is undeniably important. So, if you want to impress maximum audience, make sure looking good on the mobile devices, which is easy with a professional web design and development company like us. Don’t wait, join hands with us and let our designers gift an impressive website to your business.

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