8 Tempting Web Development Trends That Will Dominate
In 2019

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Web development industry is known to be highly volatile. What is popular today may be out of fashion tomorrow. Remaining oblivious to the advancements in technology can push you behind in the corporate race. Like every year 2019 also brings some fresh ideas and innovations to set developers and programmers crazy about them. Don’t get stuck in what you may have missed in the past. It is important to focus on what is most likely to dominate the future of website development.

As follows are the most credible predictions of technology that will help businesses to have the most efficient website ever.

1. Artificial Intelligence

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Many of you all already know artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines to imitate human intelligence. Machines are enabled to perform cognitive functions like ability to learn, collect data, assess information, solve perplexing problems and even understand emotions. In 2019, prevalence of AI-enabled communication, analytical solutions and multi-task automation will extend even more.

The amazing presence and intervention of AI’s chatbots, voice bots have assisted business engagement and altered social interaction. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri impact the digital customer experience. This seems to progress and get more advanced to attain the ultimate goal of pretending genuine human empathy and display common sense.

2. JavaScript

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Developers can still count on the JavaScript. After ruling the hearts and designs for almost 6 years, JavaScript is still very much in trend for the year.

Whenever discussions are on future predictions in development field one cannot overlook the potential of JavaScript. It is so because of the fact that it has perpetually evolved its frameworks, libraries and designs. Traits like flexibility, challenge and power make it preferred choice of developers across the globe. Those who are willing to stand out on the clients’ choice need to inculcate themselves for this most sought programming language.

3. Progressive Web Apps

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Since the year of inception of progressive web applications, the technology has only evolved, keeping the developers wanting for more. Dominance of mobile applications has considerably been overpowered by PWA. Those who are still pondering to understand what makes PWA such a big hit must know that these web-based applications provide users an app like experience when they are actually using a browser tab.

PWAs possess the UX and while deploying latest technologies for creating the difference they are looked upon as one of the most promising trends in the scene of website development.

4. Single Page Applications

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Another trend that is going to be very much in action in 2019 is single page application. Its concept is based on Java Script while development process is built on Angular and React frameworks. It is characteristically simple yet perfect for suiting the needs of users who look for relevant information in one page.

The trend allows all the content in a long scrollable page while removing any clutter. The associated advantages are limited but highly sought these days.

Single page applications provide the most relevant content on a single page and are perfectly compatible with all devices. It nevertheless takes less time to develop them.

5. Befriend Mobile And Other Small Screens

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It is incredibly important to have mobile responsiveness for every website design. With the continuous growing dependence on smartphones, it is extremely important to develop websites that run properly on smaller screens.

Slow loading speed and uncontrolled navigation can be the biggest turn-offs for the users. Mobile-friendly websites use touch controls and render quick navigation to provide ultimate user experience. Smart web developers understand that number of mobile phone users is only going to grow in next many years. Hence, impart these fantastic features to attract more digital traffic and increase visibility on web.

6. Motion UI

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Considering the high demand for interactive web design it is expected to see a rise in the graph for popularity of Motion UI this year too. Developers count on its dynamic graphics, awesome animation and real impacts. Developers can display their best ability when it comes to depicting a story with the use of sundry tools and techniques.

It is hot favorite of this year because of its ability to animate content even if developers’ hands are not so good at JavaScript.

7. Blockchain Technology

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Though the source of creating and developing bitcoin is ambiguous, we are very much in the era of Bitcoin. Roots of Blokchain Technology are rooted in the Bitcoin era itself.

With blockchain, it is possible to create supply chain auditing, automatic protection of vital intellectual properties, smart contracts, failure-free decentralized storage and more. These features together make the blockchain technology one of the most important trends to keep an eye on in 2019 and even after that.

8. Cybersecurity

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Safeguarding business against cybercrimes is the most important thing one should be taking up in 2019. Data breaches, cyber threats, which are the biggest nightmares will not take much time to convert into your reality unless you don’t keep a check on your vulnerabilities.

Wise developers have been investing in IT security and this will be no exception in 2019 as well. Strengthened security systems let individuals, communities and companies lead a protected life with secure private info, servers and databases.


Like always, life of web developers is going to be challenging and exciting altogether. Keep abreast of the aforementioned website development future predictions and up your game. Seek proficient and skilled Website Design Services for meeting the demands of contemporary web development landscape.

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