7 Pages That You Can’t Do Without In Your Small
Business Website

“Website is the prima facie of your business that can growl about your services as professional and unique or fade your presence even before you could put a mark on the audience. Your website is not a dump yard of fancy words, promising self praises and little sensitivity to customer’s demand. Want to make things outwardly correct? Follow up!”

Your Small Business Website

90% of small business startups are not entrenched because of erroneous actions and dubious expectations. The latest trend of superficially portraying an image on the websites leads to customer’s distrust on the company. A prospect explores a small business website with no preset view about it. Webpages and content management are the key attributes which form an image.

How to make sure you’re putting up all the core credentials that help you build your image rather break it down?

The Webpages! There’s nothing called ‘Rules’ when it comes to website design and development until you’re pouring in the profits to your business through your site. This article skips barging you on technicalities of what you should and shouldn’t do with your webpages. Rather it gets down to the solutions that could upscale your company’s growth and win you leads over time by simply keeping all blocks on their places.

Webpages you can’t miss in your small business website:

1. Think First Impression: HOME PAGE
Think First Impression

Homepage is the face of your company. Don’t let the leash lose when you’re dealing with this particular page of your site. You might get overwhelmed and ask your content writers to praise, brag and drain everything good on your homepage but DON’T! You can’t afford to spill all the beans right at one page. Here, you begin with a story. The story needs a strong base to build curiosity which will lead your audience through other pages. Plan schematically.

2. Introduction & Connection: ABOUT US PAGE
Introduction & Connection

There are clients who are unclear about the purpose of ‘Home’ and ‘About Us’. The common notion around these two is that skipping the cost on specialized ‘About Us’ page can be easily done by strategically placing a section on home. Technically, there’s no rule to say no to this notion but to be more dramatic and customer oriented, you need to establish yourself as a business which is there to stay for a long time. Putting up your company’s motto, vision, employees, history and inception will connect your audience at a deeper level. Seize the chance of involving in emotional foundation on this page.

3. Reason Of Existence: PRODUCTS / SERVICES
Reason Of Existence

Whether you’re an e-commerce site or facility providers for loan, automation repair or non-profit organization; there has to be something to offer or ask from your audience. A shop page, software packages or any landing page that bring you profits or traffic, as per your expectation. This is the money generating page which needs no introduction as why it should be clearly differentiated from others.

4. Say Hello To Your Prospects: CONTACT
Say Hello To Your Prospects

Give out all your details on ‘Contact’ page. Don’t miss a single element from the given list:

  • Office Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Social Media Links
  • Map To Reach

You must also tempt them to fill in the Enquiry form in order to fill your database with your target audience. This page needs creative juices out of the designers in order to persuade your prospect to make a move towards you.

5. Don’t Pretend; Prove: TESTIMONIALS
Don’t Pretend; Prove: TESTIMONIALS

It takes a few minutes to frame a 50-word testimonial with a picture taken from internet. Not a big deal. But is that what you want? No! This page is so important to seed your image in minds of your prospects. For really amazing testimonials, put up videos of your clients who have praised about your services, allow your clients to leave feedback and add comments of verified customers. Take this page and put all your customer-favorite services on in front of the world in words of your customers. Make it natural and organic.

6. Write Your Opinions: BLOG
Write Your Opinions: BLOG

Blog page, digital marketing’s best weapon to flaunt the knowledge, services and expertise for huddling in the traffic onto your landing page. Creatively explaining all intrinsic details of your services and products that generate a query, question or curiosity, is the agenda of keeping Blog pages. From SEO purposes, the dynamism of your website remains as you keep updating it every week with call to keywords that help to rank your company on search engines.

7. Walk In Customers’ Shoes: FAQs
Walk In Customers’ Shoes: FAQs

There are two ways, a person will say that they get your point ‘completely’.

A. You gave out every information they needed at one time.

B. They didn’t get a word and they don’t want you to start over again because they couldn’t find you and your product/service interesting.

Both ways, it’s dangerous. Because if they got you at first time, they would have made up their mind and won’t give you another chance to explain as they’re sure not to take your product/services. And if they couldn’t find you interesting as per B point, you’ve already lost the battle.

To eradicate this complicated mess, you need FAQs page. This page answers the doubts that your client might have but don’t know how to put them in front of you. It makes you look considerate as well due to the fact that you took time to enlist the commonly asked questions and answered them with full determination to turn the prospect into customer.

Interesting and intriguing, these 7 pages shouldn’t get away from your website if it has to stand the competition around the globe. Do you have a business website full of these features? Let Amazing7 Studios give you the platform for growth.

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