6 Lesser Known Logo Design Secrets You Cannot Miss Out

As children love to discover choco chips while consuming cookies, you all will fall head over heels in love with the ingenuity of world’s prominent logo designers. The ace professionals have beautifully blended wisdom in creativity that in turn has produced astonishing results in the logo designs. Let us discuss some logo design ideas that have given added meaning to the logo and made these brands talk of the town.

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Budding logo designers can learn a lesson of how to add an extra element from the work of highly resourceful seniors and counterparts of theirs. It is possible that you might have missed the subtle integration of creativity done in logos that made them stand out and brought them into the category of master pieces.

This post will make your quest easier as we present you the 6 most stunning and creative logos of recent times.

1. The National Lottery

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Camelot introduced the National Lottery in 1994. Since then their logo has been altered couple of times for the best. The logo in discussion is one of its kinds and no matter how hard you try, you cannot delete it from your brain memory. Pondering what is so special about it?

The logo has got crossed fingers voicing out the nervousness which runs through a person’s veins while about to play the lottery. What is actually special about the logo is the happiness that comes with winning a bag full of money. The original logo was created by Saatch & Saatchi but it was a matter of debate that the appearance of pair of eyes and mouth was coincidental or a deliberate effort of the designer.

Nevertheless, Wolf Olins, who contributed the latest look of the motif made it more than clear. You can see hopeful eyes and a simple, wide smile, representing those in games.

2. Museum Of London

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At the first glance, Museum of London logo might appear as nothing more than a psychedelic fried egg, but there is a deeper insight to it. The logo designed by Colev Porter bell is definitely a head turner. However, it will not be a justice to the efforts of the designer if all the credit goes to the use of vibrant colors only.

The overlapping series of bold blobs have more implications. These blobs represent evolution of geographical area of London that happened over time. It could not get better than representing the UK capital. Interestingly, the logo does attract people who do not understand the secret meaning.

The earlier motif that belonged to the museum was not very effective but the current one has done real wonders. Number of visitors has hiked up by 79 percent, only after the introduction of new logo.

3. Toblerone

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Toblerone is popularly known for being a delicious chocolate in triangular shape, native to Bern, Switzerland. After doing rounds on the latest news for its diminished size, its logo brought it into news yet another time. While designing this logo, the designer managed to incorporate a hidden motif into it.

For those who don’t know Bern is the home of the Matterhorn mountain. It completely makes sense to have a similar shape of a peak that occupies the center stage in the design. Given the fact that chocolate is also of the pyramidal shape, it is already a hit but fewer people would know that Bern is also dubbed as ‘city of bears.’ Toblerone’s logo has got inspired by this factual detail of the city where the chocolate originated. Hope you can see the bear after reading this.

Kudos to fantastic work done by the designer.

4. Wizarding World

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This list would have been left incomplete without the mention of the Wizarding World’s logo. What can one say about it, it is possibly the brilliant use of one’s creativity and presence of mind? It seems so simple and stylish all at once.

Some of you already know that J.K. Rowling is behind the series of Harry Potter books. British-American fantasy media branding umbrella ‘The Wizarding World’ was originally known as J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. It was completely worth spending all time of the world to create something as big as the brand itself.

The ultimate logo design of this vast expansion resembles an open book with its pages fanned out to be read by kids and their parents. As if it was not enough, each leaf of the book is in shape of unique wands, as if they stand for different characters of Harry Patter’s magical world. The identity to the brand has nothing close to that looks cumbersome. In fact, use of letter ‘W’ in lightning bolt design symbolizes the lead character of books.

5. Ready Player One

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Looking at the logo of blockbuster, Ready Player One, are you trying to find out the Easter egg in it? Those who have seen the movie know the storyline. Wade Watts quests the digital clues all throughout the virtual reality game in hope of assured fortune. Watt’s hunt in the game gives ample of opportunities to the film’s creative team to make use of sneak secret images while promoting the movie. The design that resembles a maze by Pentagram’s own Emily Oberman is truly a clever piece of logo designing. What say you still couldn’t find the Easter egg? Look carefully to find an actual Easter egg inside the letter ‘O.’

6. Tour De France

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Unveiling the cleverness and creativity behind the Tour De France logo is not very easy, if not difficult. Spotting the batch of hidden meaning in this ingenious design is not everybody’s cup of coffee.

There is a pair of dots, one inside the ‘o’ while the other can be seen delicately placed next to the bowl of the ‘r.’ These two dots beautifully resemble image of a cyclist pedaling their bike. It is not over yet as you need to decipher the meaning of the circle which resembles front wheel of the bicycle. By giving yellow color to the wheel, the designer has ensured it does not smudge with the background. Yellow is, since the color of the jersey to be awarded to the winner, has great significance. At the same time, it depicts another meaning to the participants that the race takes place in the daytime only.

Hope this post would give some serious designing goals to the aspiring logo designers and logo design services for leaving their footprints in the industry behind them.

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