6 Ecommerce Bloopers You Might Be Doing Accidentally


Opening an online store was never this easy as it is today. With too many efficient and customizable platforms available, there’s no need to go near a line of code. However, this doesn’t mean chilling out carelessly and thinking you can make it big effortlessly. There are certain details which can harm the online business if not taken care of.

No matter you are stepping in ecommerce world or planning to upgrade your current store, keeping distance from below given 6 pitfalls will definitely take you on the road to success.

1. Poor Product Descriptions

Product descriptions keep the game going on the right track. Apart from adding valuable content and trending keywords to the site, they help customers get clear picture of what they are buying. You should never forget that customers cannot pickup or take the product in their hands from your site. This very reason leaves the convincing part on the product description and imagery.

Make sure the description is informative, engaging and alluring enough to make it easy to understand the benefits of the product.

Anything else? Well, keep the description length neither too long nor too short.

2. Skimpy Imagery

Pictures do all the talking and they are worth a thousand words. They are the only thing customers see first, which is why high quality imagery that’s attractive and well-framed is the key to make the buyer pay for the product.

Too small images turn off the customers as they make it difficult to examine the product properly. To impress the buyers, display large images and include a zoom function to help people in enlarging the images. You can also take about 4 images clicked from different angles.

Skimpy Imagery
3. Complicated Checkout Process

Go a bit careless and this particular aspect will damage your site in the worst way possible. Online shoppers are impatient and involving in too many steps such as fill in the form, re-confirm the products, would you like anything else, etc. compel them to leave the website.

The best checkout process is the one that requires minimal effort. A good approach is having a single combined page with all the billing and delivery information added. It should be followed by a “place my order” button. Talking about the returning customers, give them the option to use the same details they entered last time.

4. Wrong Ecommerce Platform

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your needs is very important. You have to be clear about the functionality you want, features & integration you need and how you want the store to look. The payment process has to be intuitive and must work seamlessly across devices. Doing research and reading reviews about various options is a smart way. Luckily, some ecommerce platforms offer free trials that help to judge if the service is suitable or not.

5. Not utilizing social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the key marketing requirement for ecommerce sites. They are the stepping stones towards improving customer engagement, adding personality to the business and making the brand more accessible. Interacting with customers and followers is also beneficial for wide visibility.

Not embracing social media means missing out on a massive opportunity to attract audience. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are wonderful places to show your product imagery similar to an online catalog. Make the best of these channels and don’t forget including sharing buttons throughout the website, especially on the product pages.

6. Refraining from SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO takes a while to produce the expected results because Google’s spiders take some time to reach and find you. However, it should be taken as long-term strategy. When done the right way, SEO proves to be one of the most fruitful ways to draw traffic to the site when people search for the products you sell.

What’s important to understand is that SEO is no longer about over-stuffing the keywords. How the site is built, how users behave on it, whether the provided content is scannable or not, etc. are the factors that act as pillar of search engine optimization. How other websites trust you and link to you matters a lot. Therefore, make sure to optimize your store for SEO and it will undoubtedly pay dividends down the road.

The Crux

Don’t think that running a popular online store is easy as there are a lot of things to consider. Be it any store, it can never be perfect when going live the first time. What needs to be done is making tweaks that improve the quality and usability along the way. Implement these useful tips and you will notice a positive difference soon.

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