6 Ways To Surpass Your Business Expectations On Facebook


“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.”
~ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Every business, whether it is - online or offline, needs marketing strategies aimed at their target audience. Social media is an open platform for all businesses. Even for dead ideas, it is a stage for performance. All thanks to the number of users (in billions) you are dealing with.

The number goes in millions when we talk about the relationship of Facebook & Companies. However, not all pass the test of cracking the deal with their audience. There has to be a difference between ‘what went right with some of them’ and ‘what went wrong with others’. If you’d focus on the latter, you’ll probably find the answer for your queries because reasons to get success could be many but, for failure, it sums down to common mistakes made by all.

Read through to make sure that you’re following up with the best of what Facebook has to offer :

1. FREE Audience, FREE Account, FREE Advertisement

The basic account for your business is always free. This package gives you platform with more than 2 billion active users. If it is used wisely, it can make your usual advertising- scripting, hiring, developing and producing- look so mundane. Over the fact, it is 10 times more successful in engaging a larger audience.


2. Good Content, Number Of Shares, Genuine Publicity

The average time spent on Facebook has rose to 1.2 hours per day by a single individual. A user refreshes newsfeed section often to receive updates from different pages and accounts. Anything that has potential to become a trend will get viral instantly. It is picked up by the hot-in-demand pages as well as, people will give it a ‘share’. All you need is GOOD CONTENT!

3. New World, New Search Engine, New Business Platform

People used to dependent on Google to fetch the information on anything and everything from restaurants, office address, reviews of a product and more. Now, they can check out the address, pictures, ratings, legitimate reviews and original experiences of the consumers on the FB pages. It is a search engine of its own. In fact, Google gives your Facebook link higher rank on SERPs. You can’t miss out on such opportunity to gain customer confidence. Also, you can flaunt the reviews in place of paid promotion. Just, Plus-Plus.

4. Utilization Of Call-To-Action Button

Facebook gives ‘Call Now’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Order Now’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Sign Up’ and more call-to-action buttons to prompt the users to give it a quick click and land on a high converting page of your website. What a brilliant way to make more sales??!! Showcase the best marketer in you who knows - how to sell a product to the customer who doesn’t intend to buy it before.

5. Facebook Insights Speak Louder

Businessmen who don’t really understand the technical information of website reach, SEO reports, etc, can simply glance through the Facebook insights that spills out all the needed information on audience engagement and lot more. There are easy graphs, bar lines and statistics that manifest the likes of audience which helps the marketers to focus on high demand products and services.

6. Grab The Eyes Of Mobile Users

Facebook Mobile App is the holy grail. It is the set up which you can’t deny for benefiting you in a huge way. It saves you a great deal of dollars and pulls in traffic to your website at ease of one touch. Everybody carries a phone if not a laptop or PC, so it is best to customize your advertising strategies on scale of various mobile devices.


“What you post online speaks VOLUME about who you really are. POST with intention. REPOST with caution.” ~ Germany Kent

Take 5 minutes of your precious time (which you were, anyway, using to scroll down your Facebook newsfeed) and register your company on Facebook. Make sure, your posts are worth a share. You can only bet on good content, eye catchy images and doting graphics to hit the audience. It’s always good to use your wit and grit to impress others.

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