5 Top Graphic Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Before we bid adieu to 2017, it’s time to look back at the year and analyze the amazing graphic design trends that have emerged and evaporated while others burst onto the scene. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining that keeps you to return to the limelight with modern, updated looks. Visual contrast dominates the era of digital art and designers seek clarity and distinction to bring new trends in style. So, if you want to enter the New Year with a much-needed head start, here are some dope suggestions.

1. Set The Temperature Soaring With Crazy Designs

Wild imagination and crazy designs will be absolute hits in 2018. Experimenting with glitch effect, ruined effect and color channels effect can revolutionize the digital art. Color schemes from the 80s and 90s have been gaining popularity once again. Abstract designs and geometric patterns will move from the fringes into the mainstream as well.

The “Glitch” Effect- The glitch effect or the corrupted image has been in trend now. Though once this effect was frustrating to watch, but it has turned into an attention-grabbing effect. 2018 will be the year when corrupted images will be a trendsetter.


The “Ruined” Effect- Any form, which will ruin the aesthetics of a composition, will be considered modern. The graphic designers of the modern world are all obsessed with the “art of destroying”.


“Color Channels” Effect- Most of the graphic designers play with color channels. People create great illusion effects to attract the spectators. These effects are highly influential and thus might rule the graphic design world next year.

2. Twin It To Win It

Double exposure has been a thing for several years now, but double exposure duotone will be a major trend next year. Duotone is the only tool in the arsenal for an off-time effect. The rise of double exposure designs is definitely something you need to sashay into 2018 with style and turn heads.

Double Exposure- Graphic designers are using double exposure from years. The creativity and techniques used is admirable and will definitely bring this design idea to trend again.


Double Exposure Duotone- Double exposure duotone will be in demand. Overlap images or double the image for amazing effect. The double light will be also on trend. This amazing effect can transform a simple composition into a modern looking one.

3. Add A Dash Of Style!

As typography still rules, creative typography will be one of the leading trends in 2018. Actually, this trend has been taking the leading places for several years and it is not going down anytime soon. Go wild, think, and create eye-pleasing designs- the bolder, the better. Cropped and chaotic typography is definitely going to make a huge impact. Hand-made fonts will also rule the market.

Creative Typography - Creative typography will rule the graphic design trends in 2018. Apparently, this trend is leading from quite a few years and it will rise in 2018.


Cropped Typography- If you look at the past, cropped typography was a hot trend and we believe that it will rock in the next year as well. A lot of creativity will be required to make the cropped words readable.


Chaotic Typography - The new generation like things in unconventional ways, be it the designs or the order of letters and words. Chaotic typography seems to be a trendsetter this year.


Typography as Real Life Elements - Interacting typography is what people will be expecting next year. The letters turned into real-life objects will help one to be connected with the words.


Negative Space Typography - Blending negative space and typography can be the next thing. It makes the words more interacting by bringing the elements from the back to the front.

4. Bold Twist To Old School

With so many bright color trends, bold colors top the charts. Loud and bright colors will help the letters stand out. Keep in mind, blending colors will play a key role. Mix different tones of colors to bring out the imagination well. Use tones that enhance the imagery.

Colorful 3D Substances- Bright colors and a 3D composition can win over hearts next year. With many graphic design trends, bright colors certainly top the charts. This is one of the strongest graphic design trends for the next year.


One Color 3D Design - One color 3D design is quite appealing for the spectators. Presenting products using the same background color is quite in trend and the 3D technique used makes the whole design fascinating.


Metallic Elements - Metallic elements are quite an addition to the interesting colors. They are combined with other hot trends to make the design reach a different level.


Color Transitions/ Gradients - Colorful transitions and gradients are totally a groundbreaker. Nobody thought this trend would become so huge. It created a great impact on the trend and many more colorful gradients are expected in 2018.

5. Sophisticated Artistic Illustrations

For all the talented designers, the edgy and sophisticated illustration will be perfect to beat the old trend. Whimsical hand-drawn illustrations are always on the edge. The demand for custom graphic art and illustrations will continue to grow in the New Year. Custom artwork helps in creating a visual language that adds personality to a brand. When you have talent and imagination, every design is a piece of art.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations - Imagination, talent, and experience make hand-drawn illustrations popular among the fellas. It can never go out of style but can be presented in a different composition. Blend it with other trends and bring on the fascinating designs.


Illustrations Over Photos - This year illustrations over photos will be quite in trend. One needs to combine photos with digital drawing to redefine the composition. If you find plain photos boring, then this is it.


Papercut Illustrations - Papercut illustrations will be trending in 2018. It is inspired by actual paper cutting art and hence this trend is waving popularity. Adding depth and specific texture can bring the beauty out of the designs.


Considering the change in trends throughout 2017, ushering in the New Year with a boom seems like a good way to go. While these design trends might make you drool, you need to take your pick from the best of best to show the craziness to the world. Feel free to create your own digital art creations focusing more on originality and keeping design fundamentals in mind.

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