4 Web Design Trends Businesses Must Follow
(Exclusively For The Aspiring Brands)

“First impression in business matters as much as first impression on a date – ace it or sabotage it!” So, is it ‘LOVE’ or ‘BUSINESS’ we are going to talk about? Well, it’s work AKA business.


50 milliseconds is the time limit to let an individual conclude an opinion about a website. Not everyone but most people count the first impression as the only truth. How to excel in creating an everlasting impression then? Though a lot can be done but checking out the latest web design trends and deploying them to catch the glares is the best way to begin.

Why? Because 75% visitors use web design as the factor to rate credibility of a business. On that note, when running a business, keeping up with ‘latest and fittest’ designs is undeniably important.

Now after making web design seem like a celebrity, let us discuss the four leading website design trends that are definite to make everyone appreciate a business and stop by it with trust minus any doubt(s).

NOTE TO SWEAR BY: Despite the busy schedule, first impression can’t be taken for granted.

1. The Video Element

If not 100%, more than 50% of Internet has transformed into a videographic platform. Making its presence felt since 1979, video is estimated to cover 82% web traffic in the year 2021. Needless to say, this essential element can’t be ignored.

One not so happening part about videos is that they are time, funds and resources taking. Moving on to the happening part, videos capture business ethics and values way better than static images.

When selling services or products, video has a huge role to play. As far as SEO professionals are there, they can amplify the possibility of first-page Google result by 53 times by adding a video on a website.

2. Multimedia Long Form

Immersive long-form multimedia is a smart way to bring products/services to life and that too with a bang. Compared to a blog or infographic, multimedia format is better at making the customers visualize the feel of doing business with a brand.

To win the confidence of audience, product/services must look appealing and useful. The brand has to display its expertise in the best ways possible.

Custom layout is a good approach to start followed by enriching it with charts, video, maps, graphs, sound, etc. to narrate a detailed yet enthralling story.

3. Identifying Information Needs Of Customer

Demand for information is eternal, as relevant content is a promising way to generate leads and create brand recognition. A business must know the type of information its customers’ want. Furthermore, it should know the right source or person who can provide this needed information.

Web books, the stellar and precise content marketing strategy, are ebooks meant for the web. Not everyone knows but they are going to take the world by storm in the future.

Creating a web book and letting everyone know about it is undoubtedly the smartest thing to do if a business has expertise on something.

4. Adhering To The Principles

A business should always think in regards with its principles. Apart from guiding the products/services, these principles are worthy of guiding the website design phase too.

Let’s take an example where a person comes across a website and has no knowledge about its business. Now for this very user, the website is no less than a brand. Because this lead has been generated by the marketing team, it’s the responsibility of the business to ensure that the website looks perfect and represents the values of the firm flawlessly.

This goal can be hit when the web designers not just know but also understand and present business values through the design. Being a very crucial element, this should be discussed during the beginning of the work and must sustain until the website is complete.

These 4 trends if followed religiously can help every business to accomplish sophisticated, cleaner and determined design decisions without wasting time.

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