10 Marketing & Branding Trends To Sweep Off The Business World In 2018

Marketing & Branding Trends

Looking forward to earn profits from latest marketing and branding trends but unable to figure out which ones will rule 2018? Well, knowing what will take over the competitive world in the upcoming year can increase your success rates drastically. Yes, advanced knowledge will bless you with:

  • Boost in company’s popularity
  • Higher rate of surpassing the competitors
  • Decline in risks of losing the business

DAMN! These are some incredible benefits to grab. However, to make these wonderful perks yours, you need to think outside the box. Want another option? How about letting us tell you about the best trends that will help you take over the business world by storm in 2018? Don’t wait, let’s just start…

1. Focus on high end “real” video – emotive, likeable & shareable

Shift your attention towards fun, cool and informative videos with your brand name, as this will engage the customers with something they can identify with.

YouTube dominates the race as always. Facebook has also joined the battle and claims getting approximately 8-billion videos views regularly.

Let your audience connect to videos you offer. When they see themselves in the people they are watching, it makes for instant and long-term brand awareness & loyalty.

2. Give instant replies on all social media platforms

Customers touch their phone infinite times a day. They expect information the moment they need it and not when it’s convenient or cost effective for you. Keep your brand front and center with useful apps to let consumers navigate information and pricing.

Capitalize your SEO on all the major keywords that relate to your brand. Rank these keywords close to the top of the first page or nearby it. All the necessary pre and post-sales details must be given on your website. Lastly, all the contact points must be easily available including email, online chat and toll-free customer service phone number.

3. GOODBYE pop up ads; HELLO native ads

Stop annoying your visitors with pop ups and autoplay videos. 2018 is about giving native ads that gel with the theme and purpose of the business website.

Established e-commerce retailers and monetized blogs have already made this shift. Concentrate on recommended widgets, in-feed ads and paid search ads to promote your products & services. What else? Offer relevant and valuable cornerstone content that pulls traffic and keeps it intact.

4. Use sales dynamite: Personalized content and CTAs

Encourage your existing audience to create account on your website and sign-in whenever they visit. You may not realize but this will boost your ability to personalize content and offers that meet customers’ needs. Why so? Because it compels them to visit you without prompting and expands their lifetime value with uninterrupted sales of additional products/services that fulfill their needs.

As far as new visitors are concerned, they are attracted with engaging content associated with your brand and snapshot of your available offerings. When a visitor turns into a customer, personalize everything that’s put in front of them. This is because personalized content do wonders in terms of loyalty.

5. Make in-house content development your priority

Content is a necessity and you can’t deny this reality. Thrive to hire skilled content developers for both informative and sales-driven: video, written, audio, etc. When you have a dedicated team, driving branding innovation isn’t a big deal. Believe it or not, these professionals create content that’s acquainted to your business and its objectives.

6. Maintain strong culture with happy employees

Giving unmatched level of care and concern to your employees can help you garner respect from customers who look up to you.

When it comes to level and quality of services offered, reputation is everything. Your reputation for treating your employees effects your value in ways you can’t ever think of. The more passionate employees you entertain and retain, the better you will be able to execute other tactics.

7. Don’t underestimate mobile first design

Evolution of tablets, smartphones and connectivity has made mobile web design a vital aspect of user experience.

Committing to mobile first design encourages stripping your content as well as your visual hierarchy back to the bare minimum.

Working upwards to desktop design expands site’s creativity without losing the bare functionality.

8. 3D animation will keep you going

More and more accessibility to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has made 3D design and experiential design, something brands can rely on for strong flourishing journey. Discovering a story in an unexpectedly different way involves the audience and leaves a forever lasting impact.

9. Minimal design is the key

Minimal design ain’t something that’s new but addition of animation & 3D geometric styles, vibrant colors and new dimension to the layout makes the website stand out from the crowd. Soft shading and shadows give the needed depth to the layout plus there are ways to complement the white space.

10. Modular layout

Breaking the content into modular cells brings extra functionality to user interface (UI) designs. This assists with responsive stacking because visitors browse on mobile and desktop devices. Is that all? Well, also helps with hierarchy, legibility and translating well to print.


Put these 10 tips into action and execute the action button now!

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