10 Business Card Trends To Look Out For In 2017


In the business world, two things evolve consistently: marketing and design. With new technology, there comes new designs, styles and trends. To achieve and maintain visibility & recognition in the corporate world, it is required to have a good and impressive business card.

Have you ever looked at your card carefully and wondered if it’s colors, information and logo are updated? If yes, well & good; if not, it’s time to think about a new design.

When building a new business card design, everything from fonts to the colors used and to the material it is printed on needs to be well taken care of. To help you choose the best card, here are 10 best trends for the year 2017.

1. Die Cut Cards

Also known as custom shaped cards, die cut cards are one of the most popular choice among the clients. Kind of a unique card, this card fits the needs of the business along with the products & services. Also, it is appealing, eye-catchy and has the ability to stick in client’s mind longer than usual cards.

2. Clear Business Cards with a Flood of Color

As the name says, these cards are printed on a clear plastic card surface. Strategy involved here is printing slight flood of color while maintaining the transparency.

3. Embossed Cards

Embossed cards are designed in a pattern with raised letters and numbers. These look elegant and create a unique impression on everyone.

4. Metal Business Cards

Metal finish printed on plastic cards has its own benefits. They are flexible, fit better in the wallet and don’t set off metal detectors.

5. Foil Business Cards

Nothing could be better than adding a little spark to the brand with foil accents on the cards. Not only these cards highlight company’s logo and name but are also definite to get second, third and infinite looks from the customers & prospects.

6. Spot UV

Printing on the reverse side of plastic card is a good way to provide a great alternative to spot UV printing. When the card is moved around, light catches the gloss finish of the plastic and makes it shine. This style is a good way to utilize foil stamping option.

7. Photo Booth Props

Hand someone photo booth prop-style card and they will start playing with it. Including a hashtag on the card is a good way to get the most out of them and allows clients to share photos socially.

8. Frosted Business Cards

These cards are eye-catching and give a transparent card look by minimizing the area behind. Frosted business cards have a silky-smooth as well as luxurious texture which takes the card to next level.

9. Matte Finish

These business cards offer a matte-textured finish that is quite prestigious. Hold the card to someone and they will hold on to it more than usual to feel the texture.

10. Wood Business Cards

With wood-finished cards, stay at bay from getting splinters when handing out the marketing materials. What else? Well, you get to choose your favorite pick from a variety of imagery choices.


How Business Cards Help?

Cards are smart investment that acts as an effective promotional tool. Talking about other benefits, they are mentioned below:

1. Advertising

Business cards are a powerful way of advertising and represent the brand in words as well as design. A good and well-designed card stands out in the crowd.

2. Credibility

These cards are a good way to represent honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. When you give your business card to prospective customer, you create a channel to maintain contact with them.

3. Convenience

Being small in size, they are convenient to put in a wallet, pocket or purse. Also, they can be hand out, enclosed in a letter, tacked on a bulletin board and displayed on a store.

Amazing7 can help your business get the right business card. Our designers are skilled enough to design business cards that not only create lasting impression but will also take your business close to the potential clients.

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