10 Boldest Graphic design Trends Ensure You Stay Ahead

Graphic designing world saw some eminent work in the last year and 2019 is expected to unfold even more creativity. Graphic design predictions for this year will help you stay tuned to what will dominate the web space. Designers will have to push their limits to incorporate some or more of these trends in their work to provide their clients competitive edge. On the other hand, if you will not pay attention to these forecasts you might lose to your contemporary designers.

After all, be it a restaurant or a design land, you need to serve fresh and hot items only.

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Biggest Graphic design Trends Of 2019

The trends that will not only make it big but will also inspire the whole world are:

  1. 3D design and typography
  2. Asymmetrical layouts
  3. Art Deco
  4. Modern Mid-Century Modern
  5. The evolution of duotones and gradients
  6. Warm and moody color palettes for photos
  7. Light and delicate custom illustrations
  8. Buxom serifs
  9. Open compositions
  10. Isometric design

Let us now elaborate and have a closer look of each one of them.

1. 3D Design And Typography

Graphic design, logo design

Three dimensional works are getting more popular with each passing day. Besides imparting boldness to the designs 3D typography adds depth to them. Audiences get attracted towards them so much that they want to extend their hands to reach out to these designs. With 3D works you can count on bold, skinny, sans-serif, basically any font, the end result will be a great piece of work.

3D work is not only confined to create bold typography but in the recent times, eminent graphic designers have ignited the world with the exceptional looks of being still-lives from distant planets. Pinch studios’s vibrant pop art or Issey Miyake’s marriage of textiles and food make best examples of futuristic 3D designs. Others like exquisite papercut illustrations by Eiko Ojala, are the masterstrokes of 3D typography, which demand attention of the spectators.

2. Asymmetrical Layouts

Graphic design, logo design

Now is probably the time to bid adieu to the rigid grid-based designs that have been here for quite some time now. Squarespace, Canva and alikes have been source of inspiration for novice designers for a long time, irrespective of the fact that they were not aware of what a grid was. Modern contemplations lookouts are alive and custom-made products. Asymmetrical designs completely suffice these requirements as these are not static and impart the sense of movement in the designs.

Whether asymmetrical designs are used in some app or site, they drive curiosity and arouse interest of users about what is going to be next as they scroll the page.

3. Art Deco

Graphic design, logo design

There are only few good things associated with World War I and one has to do with the design landscape, luckily. It was only after the war that dazzling Art Deco designs came into existence. Year 2019 will be period of renaissance for Art Deco-inspired designs. You will see its major implications in logo design. Use of sharp metallic in combination with complex line-work intense symmetry gives a much needed alteration to infuse modernity in the designs.

These designs have a striking contrast with rustic, country-inspired work which ruled over recent years.

4. Mid-Century Modern

Graphic design, logo design

Designers decided to give a break to gaudy designs from the yesteryears trends and brought in splash of freshness with mid-century influence in graphic work. While it was already there in interior designs and fashion, organic clean lines will appear in prominence in the graphics from now onwards.

More and more brands are embracing the iconic custom illustration work in their website designs. Careful integration of modern style makes it more acceptable yet catching hold of the dreamy vintage color palettes.

5. Color Gradients

Graphic design, logo design

Color transitions will continue to dominate in 2019 as well. In recent years, they have made their way strongly into logo designing. Brands are preferring use of gradients over flat colors. Graphic designers are purposefully donning chunkier duotone fades while ditching the expected combinations.

Gradients have been around for quite some time now and their unison with duotone has taken over the trend in the graphic designers’ list of favorites.

6. Photos In Warm And Moody Color Palette

Graphic design, logo design

True that. Saturated & bold duotones are trending but calling out for an equal reaction and moody & vintage tones are expected to surface in bulks. It was not very long ago when designers were asked to pack up the muted color boxes to catch hold of bold and neon. Today, cameras are all set to capture deep emotions as the experts feel diligent use of soft, low-fi photography can create wonders for your website. Adding subtle hue of black into every single color you can win over neon colors.

7. Custom Illustrations

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Illustrations with a bit of modifications will continue to be in action. So far, bold and thick lines were used in illustrations but recently delicate and elegant illustrations have replaced them. The trend is feminine and is profoundly influenced by natural elements like leaves, fruits and trees etc. They appeal to inner-child of viewers. Custom illustrations will be spearheading the packaging designs where use of textured paper further enhances the beauty of the work.

Use of premium materials like foil and embossing balances the extremity with simplicity.

8. Buxom Serifs

Graphic design, logo design

After explaining the shift in custom illustrations in 2019, it is time to throw torch on serifs. In 2019 they are not going anywhere but what is worth noticing is the fonts will be exploding when it comes to serifs. Taking it further from gorgeous plump serifs 2018 has given us, sans-serifs and hand-drawn fonts will take the front seat. Moreover, the variety of serif fonts will blow your mind.

Custom-made serifs are the preferred choices of many brands as they will help them get distinguishably recognized. While the clean sans serif is seen as soulless, characterless, signature serif type renders personality and characteristics to the design.

9. Open Compositions

Graphic design, logo design

Jumbled words and leaving something in between to challenge the creativity of viewers has been a hit marketing gimmick. Designers are pulling up their sleeves to excuse themselves from not following the order and making every single part visible and readable.

Flying or floating letters and open compositions enjoy complete hold of spectator’s mind. Random, chaotic and open compositions play with onlooker’s curiosity and get everything in favor of the design.

10. Isometric Designs

Graphic design, logo design

Bouncing back from what was discussed in the last trend, isometric designs are completely in contrast with missed out things and leaving blanks to push viewers to think about it. These designs create complete universe in tiny spaces.

It may sound highly technical but the fact of the matter is to design an isometric design is comparatively simpler. It is all about drawing a 3D object in two dimensions. The illustrations are simple and neat but have an edge of having depth that flat designs miss out. Isometric emblems impart more depth and warmth to designs without burdening designers with heavy files, unlike 3D counterparts.

Designers who are willing to make their clients happy should focus on being genuine, trying out weird and unique things in their periphery.

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